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Aero Yama

Made with a perfect blend of Micro modal fibres for softness and elastane for super stretchability. It’s an art to strike the right mix and we sort of did it.

Material softer than cotton yet thick enough to give you firm and perfect fit.

Actually feels like second skin. You might forget you’re even wearing pants.

Lets your skin breath,has amazing moisture wicking properties and lasts long. It’s gonna be in your wardrobe for a long long time.

Non synthetic cotton like properties yet best suited for active lifestyle. Believe us, that’s a rare find.

Perfect for light and medium intensity workouts and practices. We vouch on you wanting to be in them all day though. Yes they feel that good.

Sustainably sourced, decomposable and recyclable.

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Flo Yama

Highly stretchable fabric made with a suitable blend of decomposable polyester fibres with elastane. We’ve gone the extra mile to make it sustainable because why wouldn’t we?

Super smooth suede feel material that is gentle to your skin and can be worn in all weathers. This is that one ‘all weather must have’ workout legging of yours!

Fits your body like a glove and holds it well. Super sweat absorbing capabilities and anti odour treatment for that fresh feel during and post workout.

Suitable for medium, high intensity workouts and practices.

Decomposable and recyclable.

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At yama, we empower you to embrace mindful choices. In our journey towards healthy living and attaining mind body balance, we would do no harm to the nature.

Eco-Conscious FabricsSustainable and long lasting fabric choices for a greener world.

Sustainable PartnersSupply chain partners who are certified to follow ethical practices while producing world class products.

Ethical ManufacturingDesigned and made in India in our own socially compliant facilities. Zero child labour, no gender bias, and fair wages.

Consciously packedMost of the packaging paper and plastic ends up in waste. Well, not ours.Wait to see till you receive your package.

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YamaYoga: Stylish and Comfortable Women Pilates and Yoga Wear

Yoga and Pilates are not physical exercises; they represent lifestyles integrating physical fitness with mental well-being. The appropriate outfit significantly boosts both comfort and style. In India, there is a growing demand for active and chic yoga and pilates wear. This is where YamaYoga comes into the picture. YamaYoga is the ultimate place to shop for all your yoga wear. Enjoy your daily yoga in a fashionable yet comfortable manner.

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The proper yoga clothes are essential for three reasons. It affects your performance, comfort, and overall experience during practice. This is how it emanates:

  • Comfort: Both yoga and pilates involve much motion. Comfortable stretchable clothing ensures you can do poses and exercises without any restrictions or feeling uncomfortable.
  • Flexibility: Perfect yoga wear is flexible enough to allow you to move freely, for example, when stretching, bending, or twisting.
  • Breathability: Good quality pilates and yoga clothes, as available at YamaYoga, will be breathable and wick away sweat, so you'll stay cool and dry.
  • Support: Proper attire offers the much-needed support, especially during high-intensity sessions, that averts injuries.
  • Confidence: When one is dressed stylishly and in well-fit clothing, it gives one confidence, encouraging one to stick to the program.

Here are some features you should pay attention to when making a selection of clothes for yoga for women:

  • Material: Opt for breathable, moisture-wicking materials like cotton blends, spandex, or nylon. For the most part, our aero yama are pretty popular due to their softness and comfort.
  • Fit: Choose the type of clothing that fits neither tight nor loose. Well-fitted clothes can be used properly because they provide enough movement and comfort.
  • Flexibility: Our flo yama fabric has enough amount of stretch, without allowing hindrance on particular thighs or poses.
  • Durability: They should be made of good-quality material that can withstand frequent washing and wear.
  • Style: Go for designs and colors that represent you and give you this feel-good factor.

Indian women have quite a few choices regarding stylish and functional pilates and yoga wear. Here are some popular picks:

  • Yoga Tee: A yoga t-shirt is an essential addition to your wardrobe for yoga. Our tees are made in our signature aero yama fabric. This fabric is the ideal mixture of micromodal and spandex. It provides a relaxed, straightforward fit.
  • Sports Bra: Sports bras are good for both yoga and pilates. They help in creating a fashionable look while also fulfilling the crucial role of providing support. Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, our sports bras offer unbeatable comfort and support.
  • Flared Yoga pants: Flared yoga pants can be trendy and comfortable. They have the right fit and allow much room for movement. These are great for yoga sessions with much stretching and flowing motion.
  • Yoga Leggings: They are also versatile for use either in yoga or pilates. Our leggings provide a good supporting core with high waists and a close-fitting spice. You can wear these yoga leggings all day long as well. 
  • Women's Bike Shorts: Bike shorts are cool and functional gear for yoga or pilates. They provide all the support and flexibility needed for rigorous workouts. Our yoga and cycling shorts are high-waist designs with seamless construction to prevent chafing.

Styling Tips For Everyday Yoga Wear:

  • Layering: Layer your yoga clothes with lightweight jackets or hoodies for a stylish and practical look.
  • Mix and Match: Combine different tops and bottoms to create varied outfits. This not only maintains the freshness of the wardrobe but aids in discovering the most comfortable outfit combinations.
  • Accessorize: Headbands, wristbands, and yoga socks will bring stylish functionality to your wear.
  • Neutral Tones and Bright Colors: Counterbalance the neutral tones with a splash of bright colors to make your outfit pop without being too flashy.
  • Footwear: Wear suitable footwear for your practice that you can put on and take off easily before, after, and during session breaks.

Why choose YamaYoga?

YamaYoga is India's best online store for yoga and pilates wear. Here is why:

YamaYoga is a brand that offers high-quality fabric, thereby adding to durability and comfort. There are a lot of styles and designs that enable you to pick the one that best suits your liking and body structure. With competitive pricing, while maintaining standards, YamaYoga is a perfect option. Lastly, we strongly believe in providing proper customer support to ensure a smooth experience in the shopping process.

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